Team Development

Team dynamics are fascinating to us. For over 20 years, we’ve seen team members shift their thinking on working with others after better understanding work styles, motivators and larger team cohesiveness. The magic occurs when team members understand how they fit into the puzzle — and how they can be motivated to deliver results through leveraging their strengths.

The New Science of Building Great Teams

Discover what MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory has identified as the elusive group dynamics that characterize high-performing teams.

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How We Can Help

Corporate Path Leadership believes in a combination of individual and team activities that set the business tone for a group, provide self-awareness at the team member level and team awareness at the broader level. Our exercises and assessments are purposeful and have meaning.

Finally, we believe and have seen that meaningful (truly meaningful) cultures are far more than a collection of happy hours, ping pong tables, free food and funny posters in the office. Culture comes from team members becoming energized by coming into the office and being part of a bigger story than their own. We’ll show you how to build and adapt this in your own environment.

Key offerings include:

Communication Planning

Ensure your team understands the critical information to do their jobs, where to find answers and how leadership keeps everyone engaged.

Coaching Practices

Not every manager or leader has the time or skill set to be a good mentor and coach. We can help change that without significant time investment.

Team Alignment Activities

Just as strategic plans are important for business goals, teams cannot thrive without team planning activities and goals. We’ll show you how.

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