Educational Programs

Education programs in the workplace are often associated with simple orientation for new employees and 80-page PowerPoint slide presentations to cover everything else. Isn’t it time to evolve into today’s best practices for informing and energizing your employees and customers?

4 Ways to Train Employees Effectively

Training is often viewed by employees as an unproductive use of time that isn’t interesting or engaging. These four tips can help employers develop more effective ways to give their workforce the skills they need, by utilizing technology and incorporating a mix of training methods.

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How We Can Help

We believe in the creation of meaningful processes to identify the most important content and then deliver it in a meaningful storytelling fashion, so people will actually remember it. This involves creating simple narratives that people can understand. More importantly, it transforms your managers and leaders out of the mass-market mode of decks and emails — and into the mindset of creating the right stories for only the right people. One size does not fit all, and we recognize that.
We’ll help you in three ways:

Employee Education

We have proven structures for carving up your complex world into easy-to-digest pieces of memorable content. We’ll apply these to your education needs.

External Training Programs

Customers don’t need the same information as employees. Plus your content needs to speak to your customers’ needs, not yours. We can help translate your content for them.

Leadership Development

Whether you have new managers that need to understand the skills they need to succeed, or executives that need to be more effective, we can design individual and/or group solutions for you.

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We make it easy to jump start success. Simply contact us and share your current team challenge or need, and we’ll respond with program ideas to innovate your team performance.

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