Strategic Planning

Strategic planning sounds archaic. Everyone knows that businesses and teams need to be nimble and shift quickly with changing business direction.

So why create a strategic plan that will just be out of date in a few weeks? The answer lies in a new world of flexible strategic planning.

Why Most Company Strategic Plans Fail

Greg Bustin, the chief executive of Bustin & Co shares his insight on strategic planning, including four flaws that prevent organizations from achieving long-term objectives.

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How We Can Help

At Corporate Path Leadership, we believe that all teams need a guiding map and compass to keep them focused on the larger journey ahead. The specific trails you take and forks in the road that crop up may not all be anticipated, but with a solid overarching plan, a team feels like they have purpose in their work and understand how their work fits into a bigger vision.

In order to help teams thrive in the new age of flexible strategic planning, we offer a few ways to help you win:

Audit Existing Strategic Plans

You may have plans already in place. We can help evaluate areas of clarity to make your plans more concrete and action-oriented for all team members.

Facilitate Strategic Planning Process

We can help you organize and then lead planning session(s) with your team members to help bring understanding, consensus and accountability.

Action Plans / Tracking

Don’t stop once your strategic plan is finalized and initially shared. Let us help develop task enablement plans that help reinforce strategic plan goals, and tie those goals to specific team members and their actions.

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